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What a wonderful ride! Thanks to everyone for coming and for your help!

We’ll be posting pics soon, but MAN was that a good time! We couldn’t believe that the rain magically let up and there was no strong wind for a good two hours.

How gorgeous was the Race Street Pier? And everyone leaning out their cars to sing with us when we were on the steps of UArts? Amazing!

We (Steph & Karenina) are incredibly grateful to all of the hard working people who stepped in at just the right moment to help us out:

Adam In addition to being the man behind our posters, thank you for working hard on those spoke cards and for totally pulling through as a rad corraller.
Dan – Thank you for working so hard on those fun spoke cards and for guiding everyone on the route! That was so key, and we are so glad you did it.
Kate – Thanks for handing out glow sticks, collecting donations and handing out spoke cards in the shitty pre-ride weather! Thanks also for being a super helpful corraller.
Skip – Thank you SO much for helping us haul all of the equipment to the meeting point. We’re so glad you stuck around for the ride!
John Caddell – You didn’t even participate in the ride and you still came out to help carry and set up equipment in the rain.  Thank you for being such a dedicated volunteer!
Molly Henry and Ryan File -The two of you showed up at just the right moment. Thank you for doing a beautifully thorough job of rigging the amp and battery to Karenina’s bike – that stuff wasn’t going anywhere!
Liz – Thanks for stopping with Karenina to get water – she would have passed out if that hadn’t happened.
Jane – Thanks for offering a place for Karenina to store her bike and some of the equipment, and for lending her a pair of dry socks so she didn’t freeze on her ride home.
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia – Thanks for blogging and tweeting about us to help get the word out!
Everyone – Thank you for coming, being awesomely patient with our equipment snafus, and for being so free and joyous in your dancing. Together we made magic happen.

We can’t wait to do it again! We’re thinking mid-end of May (after we’re done with final exams) for the next ride.

Want to help out? Please say yes! If so, please send an email to Karenina and Steph at karenina@phillybikeparty.org and steph@phillybikeparty.org

We will post the next meeting date and time here on the site. We will also email it to you, if we have your info. It will likely be in mid-late April.

Here’s what you can do to help make it happen:

  • help us figure out a solid, reliable sound system
  • help us figure out a solid, reliable way to make the sound system mobile
  • share some music/make a playlist
  • make our site posts pretty- Karenina is in law school and doesn’t know the first thing about design!
  • get posters printed
  • come to the volunteers’ meeting! This is when the most important decision making happens (eg date, time, meeting spot, key dancing spots, after party location), and it’s super helpful to have other riders involved in that process. It’s also when we distribute posters, stickers, chalk and all meet each other.
  • hang posters
  • hand out stickers to people
  • make chalk signs on sidewalks and in bike lanes
  • reach out to other blogs and organizations
  • talk to local bike shops
  • choose dancing spots
  • create the route, lay it out in google maps
  • transport equipment to the meeting spot
  • hand out glow sticks to people, collect donations
  • help people with flats and other malfunctions
  • memorize the route ahead of time, direct riders during the ride
  • lots of little things, like attaching the equipment to bikes before the route, greeting riders, informing them of the route, checking for litter at each spot, etc.

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