bike partier/bīke pärtier/

noun: a bicyclist ranging from alley cat racer status to city commuter. A bike partier isn’t afraid to jam out on two wheels while building biker community on a monthly ride.

-The Jist-

If you’ve ever had the urge to combine your love for cycling and dancing parties, Philly Bike Party is for you. Pump up your tunes, ride around Philly, and stop at predetermined locations for some booty shaking. A non-profit, volunteer run event, PBP aims to build community amongst bikers while promoting the fun, safe, and environmentally friendly means of transportation that is biking


Philly Bike Party starts at a different location in Center City every ride. Keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter for starting locations and routes. The ride itself is comprised of 3 to 5 stops around Philadelphia and totals between 6-8 miles.


So far we ride on the 3rd Friday of every season. We hope to generate enough interest as the weather warms up to host a ride the 3rd Friday of every Month. Rides can start as early 7pm or as late as 9pm depending on the season.


We believe that biking isn’t and shouldn’t be a lone adventure. Philadelphia has a immense bike culture that has yet to reach its potential in terms of  bikers  riding, communicating, and developing  a community that fosters the love we have for cycling. Philly Bike Party provides a space for bikers to develop said space in a safe, fun environment.


PBP is run by volunteers who help organize PBP at our volunteer meetings. Here are some ways in which you can help us out. 

  • Corraller: Set pace for ride, Lead route, Control bikers
  • Outreach: Distribute Posters, Stickers, Social Media Blasts
  • Sound System: Hook up speakers, Generate viable means of music
  • Route: construct route on Google Maps, Determine stops 
  • Playlist: Select music, Mix songs
  • DONATE!!!! We are a non-profit that is need of money. Love what we’re about? Please check out our Paypal here…any bit will help


  • Lights, Reflective Clothing, Anything bright
  • Helmet!
  • Water
  • Flat kit
  • Bike lock
  • A friend!

More questions email steph@phillybikeparty.org or karenina@phillybikeparty.org


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