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Welcome to Bike Party!

From the organizers of the Philly Naked Bike Ride comes: BIKE PARTY!!
Inspired by the west coast bike parties,cyclists meet up and bike a route, stopping along the way to dance at landmarks.

Our first ride ever is this Friday! Come be a part of history!

THIS Friday, November 4
   Meet at thegiant orange paint brush at Broad between Race and Arch, across from the new convention center. See map.


Beginning point: Orange Paint Brush
End point: Mad River, 126 Chestnut St. (they’ll have drink specials for us)
Ariana Restaurant, 134 Chestnut St., cozy late night Afghani restaurant
Detailed directions:
  1. Begin at the intersection of Broad and Cherry
  2. Head south on Broad
  3. Make a right onto JFK Boulevard
  4. After 16th st, bear left
  5. Make a left onto 17th St.
  6. Continue south on 17th St until Walnut St.
  7. Make a right onto Walnut St.
  8. Bear left immediately.
  9. At 18th St. hop off bike, walk it across the street to Rittenhouse Square.
  10. DANCE!
  11. Hop back onto bike, make a left onto Walnut St.
  12. Make the 1st left onto W Rittenhouse Square
  13. Bear right, follow curve around park to 19th St.
  14. Make a right onto 19th St.
  15. After Spruce, bear left
  16. Make a left onto Pine St.
  17. After 15th street, bear left
  18. At Broad, hop off bike, walk it to the steps of the main building of UArts.
  19. DANCE!
  20. Walk bike to south side of Pine and Broad.
  21. Head east on Pine toward 11th St.
  22. After 12th street, bear left.
  23. Stop at the corner of 11th St.
  24. Walk bikes into Louis I. Kahn Park.
  25. DANCE!
  26. Hop back onto bike
  27. Head east on Pine
  28. After 10th St., bear left.
  29. Make a left onto 9th St.
  30. Head north toward Market St.
  31. Make a right onto Market St.
  32. Continue east on Market.
  33. Stop just after 6th St., walk bike to Independence Mall.
  34. DANCE!
  35. Hope back on bike, continue east on Market St.
  36. Make a right onto 2nd St.
  37. Bear left immediately.
  38. Make a left onto Chestnut St.
  39. Stop half way up the block at either Mad River or Ariana Restaurant
  40. Party!

Abbreviated directions:

  1. Broad and Cherry
  2. Left on JFK
  3. Left on 17th
  4. Right on Walnut
  5. Stop @ Rittenhouse
  6. Dance
  7. Left on Walnut
  8. Left on Rittenhouse
  9. Right on 19th
  10. Left on Pine
  11. Stop @ Broad and Pine
  12. Dance at UArts main building
  13. East on Pine
  14. Stop @ 11th St.
  15. Dance at Louis Kahn Park
  16. East on Pine
  17. Left on 9th
  18. Right on Market
  19. Stop @ Independence Mall @ 6th St.
  20. Dance.
  21. East on Market
  22. Right on 2nd
  23. Left on Chestnut
  24. End at Mad River/Ariana Restaurant

Walking/Septa Directions:

  1. Start at Broad and Cherry – meet your friends
  2. Walk across the plaza of the Municipal Services Building to 15th St. and JFK.
  3. Catch the 7:31pm 17 bus.
  4. Get off at 19th and Walnut, in front of La Columbe coffee at 7:36 pm.
  5. Walk to the corner of 18th and Walnut, Rittenhouse Park.
  6. Dance!
  7. Catch the 8:13pm 12 bus
  8. Get off at Broad and Locust at 8:17pm.
  9. Walk south on Broad to the main building of the UArts.
  10. Dance!
  11. Walk to 11th and Pine St., Louis I Kahn Park.
  12. Dance!
  13. Walk north on 11th St. to Chestnut St.
  14. Catch one of the Chestnut St buses – the 42, 9, 21.
  15. (Or, catch the 23 heading north on 11th St. to Market, walk from 11th St. to 6th St.)
  16. Stop at 6th St and Market, Independence Mall.
  17. Dance!
  18. Catch the 17 bus or the 33 bus at the corner of 6th and Market.
  19. Hop off at 2nd St.
  20. Head south toward Chestnut St.
  21. Make a left on Chestnut.
  22. Stop at Mad River/Ariana Restaurant
  23. Party!
Mad River is offering  specials just for Philly Bike Partiers!
$3 Domestic Drafts
$3 Mixed Well Drinks
$3 Wine
All specials until midnight.
126 Chestnut St
Under 21/don’t drink/don’t feel like going to a bar? No problem. Join some of us next door at Ariana Restaurantfor some cozy tea and snacks. 134 Chestnut St
Check out the fb page and let us know you’re coming!

Tell us what you want to dance to!

More questions? Feel free to contact us at any time. We’re just a couple of ladies who love biking and building community.

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shhh….you don’t need a bike to join the party….

A lot of our friends choose to ride public transport and walk instead of biking.  While we love the freedom our wheels afford us, we feel that as long as it is earth friendly and creates community, we’re down with it.

So here’s the thing: The route is totally doable if you’re walking and riding Septa. We’re even going to post special directions for all y’all non-Septa savy peeps.

Yeah, we love you that much. It’s true.

Also, this NOT A NUDE EVENT. Fyi.

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This is Bike Party

This is  Bike Party!






Inspired by the community-building fostered by Philly Naked Bike Ride, the  (current) goals of Philly Bike Party are to:

  • Have FUN
  • Create community amongst Philadelphia bike riders
  • Promote an environmentally friendly mode of transportation by showing everyone how fun it can be
  • Provide people with a wacky thing to do that requires no $ nor alcohol

For more inspiration check out: Breezee One “Bike Chase”


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